What is person centred counselling?

Coming under the umbrella of humanistic counselling, person centred (PC) counselling was devised by psychologist, Carl Rogers. The idea behind PC theory is that the counsellor and the client work together to understand the client’s experience of themselves. In doing this, the self awareness and understanding this brings, the client is then able to change… Continue reading What is person centred counselling?

What is integrative counselling?

An integrative counsellor will work with their client to understand their needs and then combine different ideas from various therapeutic models. In merging different elements it means the counsellor works fleixbly depending upon each individual client. Integrative counselling is a relational approach, the client takes an active role in the direction of the therapy. True… Continue reading What is integrative counselling?

Anxiety—a normal emotion, out of control!

Mental Health Awareness Week 2023 runs from 15th-21st May and is themed around anxiety. Search Google for “anxiety” and you’ll immediately be faced with details about what disordered anxiety looks like. But anxiety is a completely normal emotion and it’s important we don’t lose sight of this! It’s normal to feel anxious about: Anxiety tells… Continue reading Anxiety—a normal emotion, out of control!

Award winning counselling

Here at Reflexity Counselling we’re delighted Frances has been awarded best Therapeutic Counsellor, South East England! Global Health and Pharma Mental health Awards are designed to showcase truly remarkable professionals who place mental health and well-being at the forefront of their practice. Global Health and Pharma received a nomination and then carried out extensive research… Continue reading Award winning counselling