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Reflexity Counselling and Therapy

Reflexity Counselling

What inspired the name Reflexity Counselling? As I embark on the journey with my clients, I often pose the question, “What are your aspirations for our therapeutic collaboration?” Frequently, the response echoes sentiments such as, “I seek clarity” or “I yearn for understanding and insight.” Together, we navigate towards clarity, unveiling transparency, and simplifying life’s complexities.

How might counselling help?

If you find yourself seeking therapy, it could be due to a sense of unease in life or a desire for deeper self-understanding. Perhaps you’re also looking for a supportive environment to navigate and comprehend your relationships, both with others and with yourself.

You might be experiencing a feeling of stagnation, dissatisfaction with your current path, or a quest for clarity. Counselling provides a platform to delve into your worries extensively with a skilled therapist, within a confidential, non-judgmental, and secure space.

Reflexity Therapy, who is it for?

I work with a range of people across a complete spectrum of issues. After all, we are all individuals. None of us think and feel the same way and we each have different needs at different times. In our initial discussions we can look at what has brought you to therapy at this time and what you feel might be helpful for you.

To learn some more about how I work and what I offer take a look at Frances Coleman-Williams.