Neurodivergent counselling

Neurodivergent counselling

I’m a specialist in counselling neurodivergent individuals and their family members. I support people through their entire journey (no diagnosis needed).

As a late diagnosed autistic adult myself, I understand what it can be like to feel like you don’t belong, searching for answers, feeling confused.

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Maybe you’re querying neurodivergence or feel lost? Are you struggling with feelings of overwhelm, feeling misunderstood or struggling to fit in? These are common feelings that we can work through together.

Sometimes a new diagnosis of autism, ADHD, dyspraxia, dyslexia or Tourette’s brings with is a multitude of questions. Counselling is a safe place to bring those questions, no matter how confusing. Counselling is a safe, non-judgmental place where no question is off the table. Helping you through this confusing time is my passion.

I also work with people touched by neurodivergence in other ways; perhaps you have a child or sibling with autism or ADHD and this is putting strain on your relationship. I can offer you a non-judgmental space to express frustrations and the time you need to look after yourself. Check out this post here about how counselling can help or this post about how an neurodivergent counsellor can help for more information.