Influential businesswoman awards 2024

Frances neurodivergent businesswoman

I’m please to announce that Acquisition International have awarded me Neurodivergent Businesswoman of the year, 2024.

Why is this important?

Many woman come across blocks when trying to make their way in the world. There is a well known gender bias that still exists. While many are striving for equality, unconscious biases remain. Traits such as having a high self-esteem and confidence, risk tasking and leadership continue to be seen as ‘men-only’ traits. Research has also shown that finding a satisfying work-life balance can also be challenging, especially when faced with toxic beliefs around work-ethic. I’m a proud businesswoman, attempting to pave to way for women in all walks of life.

As a late diagnosed autistic, I understand the importance of shining a light on the neurodivergent world. Often labelled ‘difficult’ or ‘odd’, this stigma makes it harder to find our way in a multitude of settings from socialising to the workplace. But the more accurate representations exist and the greater the understanding, the world will adapt and change leading to inclusivity and acceptance. As a neurodivergent businesswoman, I can see the vital contribution we make.

What does this mean for my clients?

As a counsellor, I continue to put my clients’ health and well-being as my top priority. I advocate for neurodivergent clients to receive access to support they may previously have been denied.

When exploring neurodivergence (whether for ourselves or a loved one), the journey can be a complex time. We may reflect on our identity, this can involve understanding more about our past. This can be a difficult process but getting to know ourselves all over again can be life-changing and enable us to build a future we want. This process can greatly affected by the level of understanding of the professionals that we’ve accessed.

My personal experience in meeting life-minded people has been instrumental in enabling me to find compassion and acceptance for the person I am today.

You can read more here, about how vital it can be to find a counsellor who truly understands what the lived experience is like.

Frances neurodivergent businesswoman

I’m very excited to accept this award as Neurodivergent Businesswoman of the year 2024, read more here.