Award winning counselling

Here at Reflexity Counselling we’re delighted Frances has been awarded best Therapeutic Counsellor, South East England! Global Health and Pharma Mental health Awards are designed to showcase truly remarkable professionals who place mental health and well-being at the forefront of their practice. Global Health and Pharma received a nomination and then carried out extensive research… Continue reading Award winning counselling

How can counselling help neurodivergent adults?

You may have come across this post wondering if you’re autistic or ADHD. Is counselling the right course of action? Will a counsellor understand the way your brain works? It can be really hard when you’ve been feeling like an alien, feeling as though you don’t fit in, feeling as though no one understands… To… Continue reading How can counselling help neurodivergent adults?

How to choose a counsellor

So, you’ve made the brave step and decided counselling will be helpful but you’re now faced with an array of counsellors, all of whom look qualified and nice enough but how do you know who will be the right counsellor for you?! Sometimes you may simply get a gut feeling and that’s absolutely fine but… Continue reading How to choose a counsellor

What will the first session look like?

If you’re thinking about booking in a counselling session it can feel a bit daunting, there may be a tinge on excitement but anxiety and apprehension and likely to be the overriding feelings. I thought this might help a little bit with any queries you have about what the first session might look like. Of… Continue reading What will the first session look like?