Anxiety Counselling in Basingstoke, Panic Attack Therapy

Reflexity Counselling in Basingstoke offers anxiety counseling services provided by counsellor Frances Coleman-Williams at his therapy room in Basingstoke, RG22.

Anxiety counseling addresses feelings of fear, stress, and panic attacks. While anxiety is a natural emotion experienced by everyone, when it reaches extreme levels, it can become all-encompassing, overwhelming, and lead to panic.

Unlike fear, which can be linked directly to something specific, anxiety is a more pervasive sense of unease that affects us physically and mentally. It often stems from a collection of troubling thoughts that, individually, may be manageable. However, when these thoughts accumulate, they can become overwhelming and lead to panic attacks.

Counselling offers a secure environment to explore anxious thoughts, acknowledge anxiety, reduce stress levels, and learn coping strategies for managing panic attacks.

Therapy for Panic Attacks

Therapy plays a crucial role in addressing panic attacks by examining their root causes and equipping individuals with effective coping mechanisms to manage these distressing episodes. The sudden and profound intensity of panic can evoke feelings of dread, terror, and a genuine belief that something catastrophic is imminent, often leading individuals to fear for their lives.

Counseling provides a source of soothing reassurance and teaches specific techniques to be employed during panic attacks, aiding in calming both the body and mind. During these episodes, it’s common to anticipate the worst-case scenario, experience racing thoughts, and struggle to concentrate on anything else. Physically, panic manifests as tightness or pain in the chest, difficulty breathing, sensations of choking, rapid heartbeat resembling a heart attack, churning stomach, tense muscles, sweating, aches, lightheadedness, and dizziness.

Panic attacks can be triggered by stressful events or situations, but they can also seemingly arise spontaneously, intensifying feelings of shock. Counselling stands as a primary treatment for alleviating anxiety and panic attacks. As a trained therapist, I offer compassionate support, expertise, and insight into the mental health repercussions of anxiety and panic. My therapy room, situated in Beggarwood, Basingstoke, provides a tranquil and secure environment where you are warmly welcomed and encouraged to proceed at your own pace.